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Welcome Chefs!

We are excited to be launching this industry-changing platform and greatly appreciate your interest in our program.

We look forward to serving you and your colleagues for many years to come.


Chefs Network is a full service social networking site customized for Chefs and Suppliers. We have devised a program that can literally bring you to your entire industry in a few clicks. In addition to networking, we have incorporated a web portal that connects you to jobs, merchandise, resources, educational material, news and even your own communities!

Socialize Business 

Chefs Network is building a social matrix in which you can network directly with your supplier reps and suppliers. A social network is the ideal platform to be able to share information, and no one needs to be in better communication than chefs and their supply companies. Suppliers will be able to keep chefs informed about price increases, new products, closeouts, sales, availability or just about anything else you could imagine through profile and status updates.

Chefs will be able to stay connected with each other and  their reps in the first ever business to business network for the foodservice industry.


Chefs will have 3 membership options:

 - Free             - Paid          - Premium

Different membership levels give you access to different features, with free membership offering access to 80% of our content.

ChefSeeker c.v. 

As a Chef user your personal profile is designed to be a complete c.v. resume that you can use for networking. It interfaces with your LinkedIn account and adds exceptional value for chefs by adding photos, video, documents and customizable links.

Chefs Network Portal

The Chefs Network web portal is divided into eight effective modules: A customizable dashboard and seven categories, each representing a significant sector of the industry.

"Chefs Desk" Dashboard

The Chefs Desk dashboard allows you to select and customize the type of content you wish to access frequently, where you can populate the space with jobs, news, short cuts, widgets and social media feeds.


Our marketplace is an Amazon style portal to online merchandise with thousands of categorized products from  uniforms and shoes to ring molds, cook books, and of course,

knives. 35 categories in all bring you comparison shopping and with chefs selecting all the products for our portal, you have assured quality.


Online jobs? We go quite a bit further. In addition to curating jobs from all over the internet, we have compiled a tremendous amount of resource material to help you "make the most of your job search”. Chefs Network will host resume templates, career development material, recruiters and many other job seeking tools.


With today's culinary renaissance in the media world, there is a host of engaging and informative content available online, but it’s scattered everywhere. Chefs Network is creating the first culinary media portal, curating our news and media into 50 major categories, like pastry, celebrity chefs, food science, startups, and reviews. This allows you to focus your media browsing experience on your interests.


The manage page gives you access to many different tools to manage your day, such as document template downloads, recipe databases, menu template downloads, stock photography, links and resources for all levels of management.


The country’s first nationwide directory of wholesale suppliers and procurement options, divided by regional and national companies. We categorize and list all wholesale procurement options from meat, produce and seafood all the way to first aid supply, equipment repair and linen rental..


Chefs are always learning, and it is more important now than ever to stay on the top of your game. The Chefs Network Learn page brings you streaming video, seminars, lectures, coursework, continuing education, stage opportunities, text book instruction and culinary program listings, supporting chefs from the bottom up.



Chefs Network will be community based, focusing significant efforts within the regions that are driving this industry. By bringing local news, local farms and producers, local events, local jobs, local marketing and many other local initiatives that concern and benefit our food communities nationwide, we intend to give back to our partner markets.

The Chefs Network Program

For a deeper look at our program and some of the enhanced functionality within each page there is a PDF download available below.



Founding Chefs Program 

Chefs Network is now selecting members for our "founding chefs program".

We will be selecting 250 members nationwide to act as our founding membership, and we offer a number of benefits for participation. Let us know if you are interested in hearing more about this ground floor opportunity.

Thank You For Your Time!

We will be in development mode over the next six to nine months, during which time we welcome any feedback of suggestions.


You can send comments or questions to:

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